PuciCup is a 100% recycled glass, with added value for both the user and the event organizer. It helps to raise festival culture, contributes to less pollution of the environment and CO2 emissions.

It is more than just a glass, because we have taken care of its uniqueness, which provides an excellent user experience. In addition, it is washable, persistent and recyclable.

PuciCup can be used for promotional purposes as a gift, for daily use, outdoor picnic, as a “To Go” glass, … it is also child friendly with a straw hole. We also took care of a number of functional additives, which adds a useful value to the glass.


PuciCup ™ is already basically a different, unique glass. It stands out from the crowd and gives value to content, visibility and user experience.

Unlike other glasses, we offer you an empty space for advertising and exposure of your company, product, idea …

PuciCup ™ is so unique that many users will bring it home to memory thanks to a positive user experience and quality, and will also leave your message. The lifetime of your ad will be longer and will remind you of the user long after the event.